What Happens If I Have to Make a Last Minute Cancellation?

We value your business and your time. Equally, we hope you value ours! Especially our instructors, who depend on your services to put dinner on their table. When a client needs to cancel an appointment, the office kicks into high gear to replace your appointment with another appointment. We hope you'll respect and value the instructor's time by giving us advanced notice when you can't make an appointment.

If you provide us with fair warning that you won't be able to attend your appointment, we'll cancel or reschedule that appointment with no additional charges. We believe 48 hours is a fair and reasonable amount of time (and has nothing to do with the fact that Nick Nolte & Eddie Murphy starred in our favorite buddy cop movie).

If you need to cancel your appointment and it's under the 48-hour window, this makes it tough for our office staff to fill your spot and, equally, really bums out your instructor. For that reason, a cancellation fee equal to half the value of your appointment will be processed if you cancel with less than 48-hours notice.If you are booked for an appointment and do not show up for it, this makes it impossible for us to fill your spot. Therefore, a cancellation fee equal to the full value of your appointment will be processed.

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