Do You Offer an Adult Masters Swim Team?

We do not offer a traditional Masters team or Masters practice.   If you are looking for a standard Masters program, you can find the groups in the Illinois region at the Places to Swim page at the USMS website.

However, if you're interested, our Masters program is formally and otherwise known as  Fast Forward. Fast Forward provides technology-enhanced, accelerated learning. The program is targeted toward people who would like more intensive coaching, individualized practicing, and targeted training sets than one can find in a traditional Masters or triathlon training program. We make the following assumptions about you when designing the Fast Forward program:

  • You are someone who wants coaching and wants to improve her swimming for fitness, racing, or life goals
  • You are a triathlete looking to improve your swim who would like an individualized training program that reinforces technical excellence
  • You are a fitness swimmer looking for ways to use swimming for a full-body workout routine
  • You have time constraints so when you go to a group swim, you want bang for your buck
  • You are primarily interested in freestyle, but you will learn other strokes that would be good strokes for open water (Backstroke, Breastroke, and the Navy Seals' Combat Side Stroke)

The Fast Forward includes in its monthly subscription:

  • One day per week of a coach-led swim practice to refine your stroke(s) and to teach new training skills
  • Two days of practices delivered through Training Peaks tailored to you skill-level, distance, and goals for you to do on your own
  • Evaluation every 6 weeks to give you: (1) a quick underwater video clip of your swimming to see progress, (2) a specific set of drills and swimming focal points to address your biggest technical needs and (3) a calibration of our pace, stroke count, and stroke rate

Our program applies the Total Immersion stroke drills and training concepts to help you practice more mindfully and achieve greater improvements in a shorter period of time. To that extent, we require our swimmers to learn the complete  Pertual Motion Freestyle drill sequence in one of the following formats before joining Fast Forward: 

  • Freestyle 1 stroke clinic
  • a Total Immersion Weekend Easy Freestyle workshop
  • a series of private lessons with a CBD coach

 If you want to see how the program works and is different from other training program, by all means, come by and do a session on us. We think you'll like it.  You can request a free trial  here.

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