Do You Offer Free Private Evaluations?

The quality of our services and of our instructor's expertise is, by no means, diminished whether they are teaching a group class, swim practice, private lesson, evaluation or any other type of service with Chicago Blue Dolphins.  Because we value their time, commitment, and knowledge, we want to compensate them for it.  For this reason, our evaluations and assessments do have a cost attached to them.  The cost of a 25-minute evaluation is $45.

Naturally, we understand that quality is not the only factor in your decision to join us.  Locations, times, and (yes) costs are all equally important in deciding which swimming organization you ultimately choose.  There are undoubtedly swim schools that may be closer to you, have class times that fit your schedule better, and may be less expensive than us.  But, we wholeheartedly believe that the quality of our services cannot be matched in Chicago.

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