How Experienced Are Your Instructors?

Many of our students have joined us after taking lessons with other organizations whose instructors are less than stellar.  These organizations often hire young and inexperienced instructors to teach their overcrowded classes.

When we're hiring, we're looking for candidates with extensive knowledge of swimming, competitive backgrounds, previous teaching experience, and certification in instruction.  They then go through comprehensive development with Chicago's leading Total Immersion instructor John Fitzpatrick, whose list of teaching certifications (TITP, ASCA Level 2, USAT Level 1, ARC WSI, ARC LI, etc.) is a mile long.

But what really makes a great instructor great is their hunger to continue learning and improving.  We do not believe that there is a limit to how much one can learn about swimming.  And so we're constantly looking for ways to improve our abilities.  

Around the globe, new techniques are constantly being evaluated, tested, and put to work.  The mechanics of today’s top swimmers blow the mechanics of generation’s past out of the water.  And the mechanics of swimmers in the next generation will out do those of today.  The research that comes from the competitive market brings to us better ways of teaching swimming to all skill levels, beginners and competitors alike.  We’re constantly researching those new techniques so that we can develop better systems to give our students better results.

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