I Don't Understand Your Monthly Tuition Plan

Your monthly tuition is processed automatically on the same date each month (this date is generally the anniversary of the first date that you attended).  Tuition will run on that date each month for as long as you are with us.  Although we are processing your tuition once a month, it does not necessarily pay for that given month or for a specific session in our schedule.  So, what does it pay for?

Well, the easiest way to understand our process is to imagine that you'll be with us for an entire year.  

We make a broad assumption that, over the course of an entire year, you'll probably take about 48 classes with us.  So, each month we charge you for four classes.  And over twelve months, that adds up to 48 credits (4 x 12).  

"Now, wait a minute," you say.  "But, aren't there 52 weeks in a year?"  Yes, that's correct.  We only charge you for 48 of those 52 weeks because we expect that we will end up cancelling at least 4 classes every year (e.g. holidays, weather, emergencies, technical malfunctions, space monsters invading the city, etc.).  Because of this, the number of credits we charge you generally matches evenly with the number of classes on our schedule.

If a situation arises where you become too far ahead or too far behind on credits, we will contact you to make adjustments to your tuition as necessary.  For example, people who come on Sundays get hit with a lot of holidays; people who come on Wednesdays, not so much.  We're keeping an eye on this every month so that you can be sure you're never paying too much or getting too far behind on your tuition.

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