Why Does My Child Need to Wear Two Diapers?

The Illinois State Health Department requires that all swimmers who are not yet potty-trained use the "double-diaper" system.  This is an Illinois State requirement of all public pools and is considered a matter of health and safety.

The "double-diaper" system includes a disposable swim diaper underneath a reusable swim diaper.


You can find disposable swim diapers at many department stores, convenience stores, and grocery stores.  Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, and Walgreens are popular places to find disposable swim diapers.


Reusable swim diapers are a little harder to come by.  You can easily find them online (Amazon, Kiefer, FINIS).  You can occasionally find them in sports stores like Sports Authority.  But your best bet is to buy them through us!  We sell them at our main location (2222 N Elston Avenue) for $9.99 + tax.  They come in all sizes!

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