Do I Need to Schedule a Make-Up When CBD Cancels Classes?

It's unnecessary to schedule a make-up when we cancel a class or do not run a class due to holidays.  We typically ask you to make up classes because we teach specific things in each class and if your child misses it, they'll end up behind in their progress.  When we cancel a class, the program simply picks up on the following week.

In addition, our payment system works holidays into the process.  We charge you four credits each month.  That covers 48 classes each year (4 credits x 12 months).  Because a year has 52 weeks, there's 4 weeks of classes that are not covered in your monthly tuition over the course of a year.  We purposely under charge you on the assumption that (within any given year) the average student will miss 4 classes on account of classes being cancelled by us due to holidays, weather, emergencies, technical malfunctions, etc.

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